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Two businessmen on mobile devices communicating with the office from out in the field

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2 sales reps sending orders back to HQ from a PDA

Welcome to Nexus Technology Dynamics:

Linking your business critical systems with your field based employees……

Nexus have over 30 years experience in software and application development and specialise in protocols that link systems together that save our clients both time and money. We can input data collected in the field straight in to your main backend without human intervention thus eliminating errors and saving you time and money.

Using secure communication systems we can link data between mobile devices, multiple databases and programs. We can also translate and input data across a variety of platforms to ensure seamless links across all your systems. Our applications are suitable for both small and medium size companies as well as multination corporations.

Moblie working

Linking mobile workers with your back end systems and inputting data with seamless integration

linking databases

We can link data between databases even if they are in different formats and enable 2 way communication

protocol tranlations

Nexus can communicate with EDI protocols and translate and communicate using mobile devices

secure data transfer

All our data transfer protocols are made using secure handshakes via our security protected servers

The Nexus Solution

Nexus have created a suite of products that when linked together can satisfy the needs of not only large multinationals but small and medium size companies as well. With our unique pricing structure there is no barrier to entry.

We can seamlessly link all aspects of your operations from ordering in the field to automatic data entry into back end systems to logistical thirs parties and direct to order picking units that can then create the variances and despatch notes through to confirmation to clients and their goods inwards protocols – all without human intervention.

Information Centre

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The benefits of Nexus Tradeasi Seamless Data Communication Benefits
Company Nexus Tradeas Products services Company Tradeasi
Nexus Tradeasi  Connect™ - electronic ordering and invoicing made simple Tradeasi EDI Hub
Nexus Tradeasi is an electronic web based system allowing Trade Sellers to display and sell their products Tradeasi Link
Pocket Tradeasi PDA Pocket Tradeasi
Retail Pocket Tradeasi PDA Retail Tradeasi
The Tradeasi PDA Solution The Tradeasi Solution
Tradeasi Product Database - Central industry product information hub Product Database

Nexus Tradeasi Video

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We Create Smarter Applications, Intuitive to Use – Let’s Get you Mobile!

Nexus!!! - Making It Easier For People To Do Business.

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